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Comienzo temprano en el violín, Vol. I
$ 28.500  
Autor: Sassmannshaus, Kurt

ISBN:9790006536405Editorial:BarenreiterIdioma:Espa�ol - Ingl�sPáginas:76Código editor:BA9664Dimensiones:23.00 x 31.00 cmPeso:370

Incluye texto suplementario en espa�ol.

Note Values and Symbols
Open Strings
E String
A String
D String
G String
The Quarter Rest
String Crossing
More Open Strings
Hello Mother
I Can Play The A String
The "Cuckoo's Third" With the Second Finger
What's Your Name?
Rain, Rain Go Away
The Fourth Finger
Bring Your Sled
The Triad
Teddy Bear
Dearest Cuckoo
Pit A Pat Rain
The First Finger
Fuzzy Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear, Come Home with Me!
Little Peter Rabbit
Hot Cross Buns
A Finger Exercise on All Strings
String Crossing and Fingering on Different Strings
Ring Around the Rosy
Bye, Baby Bunting
Dog, Stop Barking
We Are On Vacation Performed by Richard Rudolf Klein
Come to the Zoo! Performed by Diethard Wucher
The Third Finger
Up the Ladder
All the Little Hamsters
Scales on Two Strings
Mary Had A Little Lamb
More Exercises, Songs and Stroke Patterns
Good Night Noisy Cricket!
Eighth Notes
Bought Me a Cat
Old Bald Eagle
Who's That
Down at the Station
Old MacDonald
From His Famous Symphony No. 9 Performed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Are You Sleeping? (Frere Jacques)
Come See the Clown! Performed by Wilhelm Twittenhoff
London Bridge
Rocky Mountain
New Stroke Patterns
Whole Bows and Half Bows
That's One HOT Potato
Lightly Row!
Slurred Notes
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
The Portato Stroke
Eency Weency Spider

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