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Autor: Huber, Nicolaus A.

ISBN:9790004188378Editorial:Breitkopf HärtelPáginas:8Código editor:EB 9367Dimensiones:23.00 x 30.50 cmPeso:70

for Hands/Fingers and Feet.

I got the word “ambig[uous]” from Thomas Bauer: Die Vereindeutigung der Welt (Stuttgart: Reclam 2018). In this booklet, the author speaks out against a restrictive, perhaps even limited unambiguity and sets fundamentaism against cultures of ambiguity.
Born out of the duality of the human body, I work in this piece with two hands, two fingers, two feet and the combinations of sound and touch developed from them.
Only at the end, a new (double or single) sound is added. This does not at all correspond to a cohesive concept of material, just as the use of our body limbs in reverse is deliberately very close to the subject, even when several performers play synchronously or choreographed.
In Schnebel‘s case, this was still material available to everyone. I think of it more as a counter to VR (virtual reality). I do like to still be able to open my refrigerator with my own hand, and not have a hacker interfering. In Clash Music, a pair of cymbals, the proletarians of many kinds of music, is elevated to an instrument capable of expression and structure.
Clash Music and ambig ought to be played together as one piece – rather RV than VR!
Added as a third piece can be rappig (25 seconds, see page IV). Any possible combination of two or three pieces can be selected.
(Nicolaus A. Huber, 2019)

Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes
Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes. Fondo de Fomento de la Música Nacional. Convocatoria 2012.

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